A city with a heritage spread in all neighbourhoods, a lively place for walking, talking, leisure or nightlife.
Take your time to discover Brussels historical buildings, musea, neighbourhoods on your own or with a guide.

Over 100 tourism attractions are spread all over the city. How to find them?

Look at the rich collections available in Brussels and discover the heritage recognised internationally.

Walk through the city with those who know it well

Almost 30% of Brussels are green areas. Parks are a perfect place for jogging, relax or a sun bath.

Whether going for a cocktail, staying for the night in a room or looking for a quiet space to work, Brussels hotels have what it needs for each occasion.  

Tourism information is available through the website and social media, as well as tourism office desks in the city center and in the summer spread all over Brussels.  

Travel around and discover all what Brussels has to offer thanks to the Brussels Card