Why Brussels for International Associations?

What’s in it for you?

Do you want to:

  • Put your association on the map?
  • Extend the reach of your message and strengthen your global position?
  • Connect with the right stakeholders and afford some exposure to your activities?
  • Benefit from an ideal situation, in the heart of Europe for your regular meetings?
  • Meet, converse and exchange information with other associations in your ecosystem?
  • Celebrate the European ideal of “being stronger together”?

→ Don’t hesitate any longer, Brussels is THE place to be for your association!


Besides being home to the European institutions...

Did you know that Brussels is also:

  • An association destination with over 100 years of experience
  • A UNIQUE concentration of international associations in the world
  • The centre of democracy and advocacy – full access to stakeholders!
  • The world’s primary host for international association meetings
  • An international hub in the very heart of Europe – a great place to travel to and from!
  • The second most cosmopolitan city in the world!

→ Come and join the fabulous international associations ecosystem here in Brussels! You’ll be in good company!


To sum up, here are 3 REASONS why you should choose Brussels:


For further information, have a look at http://why.brussels/