10:10 (6+) Nyash / Caroline Cornélis


11/11/2019 - 11/11/2019

10:10 (6+) Nyash / Caroline Cornélis :: © Alice Pieme

With 10:10 the school playground turns into a dance floor. Take a sandpit, three dancers, one musician, and three, two, one…Off we go for one hour of slow motion running, rows, ball games, hopscotch and sand drawings.
Pulling braids, leapfrogging, fingers sticking up noses, dribbling, sulking, jumping on one another and rolling around. All this childlike energy is turned into both a suspended and acrobatic choreography pulsed by drumbeats and distant sounds of children laughing and whispering. A joyous performance, brilliantly celebrating children’s talent for inventing all sorts of games out of practically nothing.

Language: without words.

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