12 geometric abstracts


07/11/2020 - 07/11/2021

12 geometric abstracts :: © Bill Orix, Composition, oil painting, 1950.

Building literally and figuratively

The exhibition highlights 12 artists considered as part of "constructed" abstraction or "concrete" art. Their geometric compositions, the result of a demanding preparatory work, are a nod to the meticulous renovation and conversion of a Brussels house into a museum.

These twelve well-thought-out compositions stand out from each other by the sobriety of the means, the exuberance of the colors or the complexity of the subjects. In the museum's "Carré", the temporary exhibition space, they come face to face and lend themselves to the game of visual confrontation. This ensemble underlines the constant creativity of Geometric Abstraction in Belgium, from the 1950s to the present day.

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