125 BPM - Duo André Leo [BE]


15/10/2019 - 16/10/2019

125 BPM - Duo André Leo [BE] :: © Alessandro Villa

Are we master of our own Time ?
Does the way we spend our Time defines how we feel ?
Being here. And now.

They run in circles, like bodies launched into orbit. Two human beings and a Cyr Wheel. They navigate on stage, in a continuous flow. Like a fragile ecosystem which holds its equilibrium thanks to the interaction of its three elements.

It could last forever…

Suddenly, everything stops. Silence. We are left with these two individuals.

Here & now.

Their relation is forming, and transforming, through Time & events. Suspended Time in a secluded universe, with tiny habits, improvised hobby’s, unpredictable dialogues and one-to-one dances…

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