A concert called landscape


18/03/2021 - 20/03/2021

A concert called landscape :: © © Kurt Van der Elst

“It’s a misty autumn day, my environment has disappeared into the mist.(…) At noon, the sun finally breaks through, the clouds move away and the horizon extends to that faraway line within which everything is united in one great context: the world has become a landscape.” Inspired by these words from Ton Lemaire’s PhilosophIe du paysage and in line with his own show An old Monk, Josse De Pauw gives a voice and a music to our personal cartography. Our childhood attic, a soothing room or the calm of a forest give our world a peaceful familiarity.

Between concert and theatrical declamation Josse De Pauw and the Kris Defoort Trio distill nostalgia and encourage contemplation as an act of resistance to the current frenetic world. From the wide open space of a maritime scene to the details of a childhood memory, the rhythmic harmony of the words with the aural language of the musician’s jazz leads us to daydreaming sometimes tenderly and sometimes lyrically and stays with us long after the last note plays.

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