A geopoetic walk through the city garden of Logis in Watermael-Boitsfort/Watermaal-Bosvoorde


16/09/2017 - 17/09/2017

Small single-family homes. Green-coloured shutters and window frames. Streets bearing the names of birds and bordered by lawns, hedges and cherry blossom. A maze of pedestrian paths wind their way between the gardens to playgrounds housed in interior courtyards planted with fruit trees.
Anne Versailles, a walking artist and geopoet, will accompany you on a creative journey through the Logis garden city. You will receive a lightweight board and black marker to “ARTiculate” your journey. A sensory “mapping”, through which everyone conveys what attracted their attention, their curiosity. The eye is drawn to the details of the heritage that can only be seen when one takes the time to walk slowly: the handle of a door, the plant arabesques of a railing, the design of a doorstep or flower beds… On their boards, everyone depicts, using lines and/or words, their journey, that of their own personal sensory exploration of the heritage present. At the end of the tour, the boards of all the participants will be exhibited in situ, giving everyone the opportunity to discover the personal vision of the others.

In cooperation with the Espace Mémoire local history centre of Watermael-Boitsfort/Watermaal-Bosvoorde and supported byRozenberg Bibliotheek.

Practical information

    • Studio Logis
    • rue des Trois Tilleuls 139
    • 1170 Brussels
    • Saturday and Sunday at 14h00 (duration: 2 hours)
      Please note that bookings are preferred. Call 02/672.77.34 or e-mail tilia@wb.irisnet.be. Up to 25 people per tour. Suitable for all (mixed ages from 9 years of age).
    • B
      Trois Tilleuls/Drie Linden