A nature walk in Molenbeek


16/09/2017 - 17/09/2017

Did you know? Molenbeek-Saint-Jean/Sint-Jans-Molenbeek has many parks. Using a variety of documents, this exhibition will enable you to explore them all…
The oldest, officially opened by Princess Marie-José, has three ponds. Karreveld Park, on the other hand, contains a wide variety of conifer trees and a French-style formal park has been developed behind the château. The Brussels-Capital Region has begun to improve and develop both of these parks. The Scheutbos site extends over a large part of the municipality as far as the boundary with Anderlecht, Berchem-Sainte-Agathe/Sint-Agatha-Berchem and Dilbeek. Works have recently been completed on the paths of the Maelbeek and Leybeek rivers. A remarkable protected gingko tree will attract your attention in Muses Park. Hauwaert Park is characterised by its woodland ambiance while Bonnevie Park, Fuchsias Park (a listed gas storage tank) and Albert Park also offer play areas for youngsters. Play areas can also be found in Saint-Remi and Dubrucq parks and on Rue des Étangs Noirs/Zwarte Vijversstraat, Rue Jean-Baptiste Decock/Jean-Baptiste Decockstraat and Rue Evariste Pierron/Evariste Pierronstraat. In the shade of some trees, benches suggest a break at Place des Menteurs/Leugenaarspleintje and at Square des Libérateurs/Bevrijderssquare, as well as at the site of the former Vandenheuvel brewery. There’s also the Pevenage sports complex.

In cooperation with Molenbecca and Molenbeek-Saint-Jean municipal administration.

Practical information

    • Château du Karreveld
    • avenue Jean de la Hoese
    • 1080 Brussels
    • Saturday and Sunday from 9h30 to 18h00 (guided tours, Saturday and Sunday in French at 10h00, 11h00, 12h00, 14h00, 15h00, 16h00 and 17h00) and in Dutch at 9h45, 10h45, 11h45, 13h45, 14h45, 15h45 and 16h45)
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      Cimetière de Molenbeek/Begraafplaats van Molenbeek
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      Cimetière de Molenbeek/Begraafplaats van Molenbeek