A reason to talk

28/11/2017 - 29/11/2017

In A reason to talk KVS face Sachli Gholamalizad tries to find out why she experiences such a strained relationship with her mother. She immerses herself into her family history and confronts her mother and grandmother in a compilation of texts & video.

The multiple layers and contradictions in the lives of these three women are established on stage by the use of various media. Gholamalizad integrates memories, soundscapes, excerpts from novels and her diary, and video that she shot and cut herself (from Iran and Belgium) to create a very personal performance.

After a tour in England and Canada that was received with wild enthusiasm, Sachli Gholamalizad  returned to Brussels for the French premiere of A reason to talk at the Théâtre National. In November 2017, she plays the French version at KVS.


Circuit X prize Theater aan zee 2014
Roel Verniers prize Theaterfestival 2015
Fringe First Edingburgh Festival 2015
Longlist Amnesty Freedom of Expression award 2015

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