“A walk with the Fischerians”. A brand new audio visual tour of Schaerbeek


15/09/2018 - 16/09/2018

“A walk with the Fischerians”. A brand new audio visual tour of Schaerbeek

Take a stroll and experience Schaerbeek through the eyes and ears of the young students of the Institut Frans Fischer. Equipped with an mp3 player, headset and illustrated booklet, you will guided by their voices as you explore five places close to their school that they like to frequent or that intrigue them.
This is a journey through the noises, anecdotes and stories of the people who live, visit or are familiar with these spaces. It is an opportunity to rediscover the neighbourhood via the people that they have met, the unusual sounds that they have captured and the visual elements that have grabbed their attention.
While working in the field and learning various artistic and media techniques, the students immersed themselves in the neighbourhood around their school for several months. They explored the full importance of its human and cultural heritage and how it is disseminated through the construction of a neighbourhood’s collective memory. And now… they want to share it with you!
An original walking tour in the spirit of social interaction and education espoused by the non-profit association Urbanisa’son. It aims to preserve the collective memory of a neighbourhood in an era of constant change, disappearing places and new constructions…

A partnership between Urbanisa’son, the Institut Frans Fischer and illustrator Fanny Dreyer, supported by the French-speaking Community Commission and the Department of French Culture of Schaerbeek/Schaarbeek.

Practical information

    • the Maison des Arts/Huis der Kunsten
    • Chaussée de Haecht/Haachtsesteenweg 147
    • 1030 Brussels
    • Departures: - individual walking tour (audio headset), all day Sat. & Sun. from 10h00 to 14h30 (last tour) (duration: 1h45 min) - Group walking tour, Sat. & Sun. at 11h00 and 14h30 (duration: 1h45 min)
      Please note that bookings are preferred for the group walks at set times. E-mail urbanisason2007@gmail.com. Up to 20 people per tour. In French only.
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