Acid Avengers x Activities Records #2


09/11/2018 - 09/11/2018

Acid Avengers x Activities Records #2

/Main room/
Posthuman -UK- (live)
Society of Silence -FR- (dj set)
Elzo -BE- (dj set)
Geno-Side -BE- (dj set)

/Top floor/
LL321 -BE- (live)
Nidrev -BE- (dj set)
Lostsoundbytes -BE- (dj set)

Entrance fee: 5€>01h>8€


Veteran producers and DJs, in action since the late 90's, Posthuman are cousins Rich Bevan & Josh Doherty.
Spearheads of the UK Acid House revival, the duo are residents & bosses at long-running clubnight & vinyl-only label “I Love Acid”
They have run well over a hundred parties since 2007 across the UK & Europe - with current regular residencies in London and Manchester. They also host the monthly I Love Acid radio show, and review column "Acid House Corner".
Released on labels the like of Tusk Wax, B12 Records, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Body Work, Polybius Trax, Shipwrec, Chiwax, Acid Avengers, as well as their own imprints Balkan Vinyl & I Love Acid. Posthuman's shows are a often mix of live hardware jams spliced with acid house & DJ edits.

Society of Silence:
Society Of Silence doesn’t need any introduction anymor in the capital as they made the heyday of iconic events as Concrete or 75021!
After a first self-produced release, the duo seduce DJ Gilb'R by its eclecticism, following two EPs on Versatile and a track for Acid Arab!
What makes the success of this group is above all the quality of their productions, the wide range of styles explored and the power and spontaneity of their lives. This allowed them to open the doors of clubs such as Rex, Concrete, Machine du Moulin Rouge, Tresor, Fuse, Weather festival along Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing and Speedy J. This format was needed elsewhere as the most intuitive way of expression to communicate with the public. The duo was not deceived and has continued to return the crowds with their evolutionary benefits that enrich each time new machines and new elements. Each of their show is unique.

At the same time DJ and graphic designer Elzo evolves in the middle of the underground music since a fourteen years! He is the co-manager of the label Teenage Menopose Records and active member of the Enjoy Apocalypse parties as well as collectives at the origin of many free parties.
He mixes electronic music like punk-rock in a style that is his own, spontaneous and bestial at the same time, provoking the general frenzy on the dance floor.

Brussels based dj Geno-Side is almost an Activities record's parties resident. His unique technique and perfect selection makes him one of the best unknown techno dj in town. No facebook, no soundcloud, but only perfect mixed music!! He started deejaying 20 year's ago and has mixed in several parties like d-jacking zone and enjoy apocalypse. A must ear!!!


LL321 began his musical experiments in 1996, he then co-organizes electrobar parties in Louvain-la-neuve during the 90 ' where they book artists like Deg or Ralph Storm and shares the line-up with Luke Eargoggle or Ultradyne during events in the capital with hes own productions.
Already published on the Roulette Rekorz label, LL321 is one of the favorite Producers of the Activities Records label for which he is making the second and the sixth releases as well as one of the titles of the compilation Various Artists 002 soon available.

Deeply rooted in the underground drum & bass scene in Brussels, Nidrev started DJing at numerous events in the early 2010’s and rapidly decided to promote his own parties. As his interest for electronic music was growing bigger every year, he soon focused on putting up his own alternative radio show, Kick Back, through which he expanded his knowledge of electronic music. Presently working as a promoter for the fast-paced growing projects Mentality and Terminal Techno, and one half of techno and ambient duo Shades, Nidrev is definitely what you’d call a multifaceted artist.
From playing straight to the face drum & bass in the deepest basements of Brussels to uplifting electro breakbeats in Berlin, he’s known for being able to easily juggle with a wide variety of genres and styles, never playing the same set twice.

Brussels based young producer LostSoundBytes develops an haptic music, diving sometimes into cryptic and anxious foggy areas through analog materials experimentations. Drum machines dives into the mud, acid lifts, synthetizer flying over the swamp and gusts of claps.​

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