Activities for classroom, online learing resources

Activities for classroom, online learing resources

Welcome to our online resources for educators and students developed and written by the education team at the House of European History. If you are wondering how to connect the teaching of European history to our contemporary world then you have come to the right place. We have specifically developed these educational materials in conjunction with the narrative of the permanent exhibition of the House of European History. You can explore in your classroom, at home or in other educational settings some major themes that have as much relevance for our lives today as they did for Europeans in the past. If you happen to visit the museum you will also discover on-site resources that explore these themes.

Themes :  History - Citizenship - Languages - Europe - Heritage 

Duration : -

Language Spoken :  bulgare;croate;tchèque;danois;néerlandais;anglais;estonien;finnois;français;allemand;grec;hongrois;irlandais;italien;letton;lituanien;maltais;polonais;portugais;roumain;slovène;slovaque;espagnol;suédois; 

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