“Adding stars to the heavens”: a philosophical stroll through the garden of the soul


15/09/2018 - 16/09/2018

“Adding stars to the heavens”: a philosophical stroll through the garden of the soul

Behind Erasmus House lies a unique, little-known gem: its garden. As all visitors agree, it is a feast for the eyes and a haven of peace just made for serene strolls.
“You can’t love what you don’t know”. Inspired by this adage, Klare Lijn has decided to showcase the section of the garden that was developed in 2000 and is known as the “garden of the soul”. Behind the garden of medicinal plants or “garden of the body” lies a “garden of the mind”. Inspired by a treatise in which Erasmus describes an ideal garden, contemporary artists have created a series of unusual inter-connected “philosophical chambers” that invite you to relax, meditate, enjoy some creative repose, or just sit and talk with friends. Follow the philosopher guide and walk in the footsteps of Erasmus, through the various areas in what was once his home, just as he took philosophical walks many centuries ago. Explore Bob Verschueren’s observation well and Marie-Jo Lafontaine’s talking “Tears from Heaven”… After you pass a creation by Catherine Beaugrand, you will reach Perejaume’s “chamber of vision”, which gives the landscape a multiplicity of forms. Finally, just savour the moments as they pass, or, to quote Erasmus: “hurry slowly”…

A partnership between Klare Lijn and Erasmus House.

Practical information

    • inner courtyard of Erasmus House
    • Rue de Formanoir/de Formanoirstraat 31
    • 1070 Brussels
    • Sat. at 14h30 and Sun. at 16h00 (French) and Sat. at 16h00 and Sun. at 14h30 (Dutch)
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