Alain Altinoglu


28/11/2021 - 28/11/2021

Alain Altinoglu :: © © Pierre Stubbe

Our Musical Director, Alain Altinoglu, presents a fascinating cross section of the modern symphonic repertoire, including Belgian composers.

In 1931, August De Boeck wrote his Nocturne: a sweet dream steeped in the enchanting atmospheres characteristic of late Romanticism. Although Alban Berg’s Violin Concerto was completed barely four years later, it seems to come from a completely different planet. Berg broke with tonal musical language to create a concerto of unprecedented expressiveness, probably impossible to achieve following the rules of tonality. The star violinist Renaud Capuçon will perform this milestone of the twentieth-century violin repertoire. The concert will conclude with a ‘titan’ that reconciles late Romanticism and Modernism: Gustav Mahler’s First Symphony.

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