05/10/2017 - 07/10/2017

two worlds, different and yet alike
two worlds in search of each other
The writer and the theatre maker
the native citizen and the migrant
the left bank and the right bank
the pessimist and the optimist 
the believer and the atheist
the Belgian and the Belgian
the man and the woman
the boy and the girl
the drarrie and the group

What can we tell each other, what do we have in common ? The theatre. That's it, probably. Actually it's very little. It's nothing at all.
What's your favourite music? What's my favourite music? We don't know.
What do you like to eat? What do I like to eat? We don't know.
Where do you travel to? You told me one day, but I've half forgotten. Where do I travel to? Morocco. But anyone with some common sense would guess so.
What more could we have in common? It can't be just the theatre, surely?
No, it's just the theatre.

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