23/06/2017 - 17/09/2017

The works of this exhibition would undoubtedly never have seen the light of day, at least not in that form, without the setting in which they were created: an institutional collective studio or private mentoring. Each of them is the outcome of encounters, between a person with a mental or autonomy defect, and a studio supervisor, artist or accomplice – sometimes many of them together.
To what extent can artistic, psychological and educational mentoring be a catalyst for such substantially individual forms of expression?
The exhibition “alone and accompanied” combines aesthetic pleasure with reflection, intelligence and… vigilance.
With works from: Sylvain Cosijns, Philippe da Fonseca, Véronique Declercq, Richard Moszkowicz, Pascal Tassini

Concept: Gérard Preszow/ Assistante : Magalie Thiaude

Practical information