Along the path of the Zandbeek River


16/09/2017 - 16/09/2017

This guided walking tour will follow the route of a now covered-over stream in the municipality of Forest/Vorst, the Zandbeek, as well as explore an urban landscape full of surprises. Once sloping and covered with trees, it was first modified by the creation of a railway line and then encroached upon by urban development, industry and the various garden cities, the result of a dream to blend city and countryside. The current urban fabric bears testament to these transformations and still contains small corners of nature, protected thanks to efforts by, among others, the city’s inhabitants. Today, both municipality and citizens are devising projects involving the creation of networks of greenery and waterways, corridors of diversity and “new urban rivers”.
This tour, which will also pass the oldest tree in Brussels, will include commentary by certain authors of Carnet du Zandbeek, a collective work published last spring.

In cooperation with États-Généraux de l’Eau à Bruxelles and the municipality of Forest.

Practical information

    • corner of Rue Gatti de Gamond/Gatti de Gamondstraat, Avenue du Globe/Globelaan and Avenue du Jonc/Biezenlaan
    • avenue Gatti de Gamond
    • 1190 Brussels
    • Saturday at 14h00 (duration: 2 hours)
      In French only.
    • B