Anatomie - Anne Juren

17/11/2017 - 18/11/2017

A choreography in your body
How can a mental choreography give you a sense of movement? In Anatomie, Anne Juren creates a movement score for entrails and bodily functions. While you lie on a mat with your eyes closed, she uses her voice to guide you around your body and your mind. To research this ‘dance’, Juren worked on blind spots, collaborating with visually impaired people. Their experiences became the material to create a choreography that takes place in your body.
• Anne Juren is a French choreographer, dancer and performer who lives and works in Vienna. In her work, she attempts to expand the concept of choreography by subjecting the body to a variety of physical, sensory, kinaesthetic and mental experiences. She always questions and challenges the distinction between the public and the private sphere. In 2014, she and Annie Dorsen performed Magical as part of WoWmen. 

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