Andrade - Michiel Vandevelde

29/11/2017 - 30/11/2017

Who eats, who gets eaten?
In 1928, Oswald de Andrade wrote his ‘cannibalist manifesto’, which advocated the consumption, digestion, and excretion in a new form of colonized cultures. With Andrade’s manifesto in mind, Michiel Vandevelde questions what we can consider to be ‘invasive’ in public spaces in the West. In an attempt to create a new culture, he arms himself with video clips and advertising. The result is an intimate, explosive solo. By adding all the dance and music from his previous productions to the mix, Vandevelde generates a synthesis of his search for a hitherto undiscovered culture. But his central question remains: who eats and who gets eaten?
• Artist-in-residence Michiel Vandevelde – a graduate of PARTS and currently co-editor of Etcetera and curator at Extra City – has previously presented Antithesis, the future of the image (2015) and Our times (2016) at Kaaitheater. Along with fABULEUS and a group of young dancers, he is also presenting Paradise Now (1986-2018) this season.
‘But we never permitted the birth of logic among us.’ – Oswald de Andrade (Manifesto Antropófago)

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