Angels in America


14/01/2020 - 17/01/2020

Angels in America

The US, mid-eighties. The Reagan era. Conservative, right-wing, and loud. Politics are harder and colder than ever before. AIDS is a new disease, mostly hitting the New York gay community with unexpected speed and severity.
This is the starting point of Tony Kushner’s Angels in America. Since its conception in 1991, the play has become a widely revered, often-played classic, now with a top cast including Tom Dewispelaere and Stijn Van Opstal.

Angels in America is a kaleidoscopic story and a complex portrait of a battle-ready generation that rises against the dominant culture: the ravage caused by AIDS empowers the ultra-conservative leadership in its battle against free love; simultaneously, the disease is disregarded as a problem to be solved. In this relentless climate, we follow over thirty characters, played by eight actors – from travel agents and lawyers, nurses and drag queens to godly interventions and religious minorities, with disconcerting scenes about power and hypocrisy, hilarious appearances, and intimate dialogues about the fear of death and decline. But there is hope too: new times are at the horizon. Millennium approaches…

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