Arabische nacht

06/12/2017 - 07/12/2017

Francisca cannot remember once having been an Arabian princess. She lives in a flat with her friend Fatima. Every evening she falls into a deep sleep on the sofa and only awakens when the sun rises, as if she were an Oriental Sleeping Beauty. No person or thing is able to awaken her, until one night three men try to kiss her: the caretaker of the block of flats, a romantic voyeur and Fatima’s friend Kalil. The lives of the protagonists take a fateful turn in a game of desire and chance.

By choosing Arabische Nacht – following De Gouden Draak – De Roovers are once again going for a play by Schimmelpfennig. The author lived in Istanbul for some time and wrote his fairytale of the Thousand and One Nights in the fragmented style that became his trade mark. The play consists of five superbly composed monologues. It is up to the audience to use their imagination.

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