Aria di sorbetto (Ensemble Dialoghi – Samuel Droeshaut)

13/10/2017 - 13/10/2017

In this program of the Ensemble Dialoghi, the quintets of Mozart and Beethoven weave a path through instrumental music, opera buffa and commedia dell’arte. The theatrical aspects of these pieces are brought out and developed with the assistance of Samuel Droeshaut along with his ice cream creations inspired by the music

Our senses play with our emotions generating pleasure from the contemplation of a painting, melancholy while listening to music, while fragrances and perfumes slowly seep into our unconscious.

Tastes have so many attitudes, some become married, others dance together and some fight for first place.

Known as a champion in the world of frozen desserts for ten years, Samuel Droeshaut will guide us through the architecture built by curves of envy joined by straight lines of the recipes.

An artist of taste, Samuel invites your taste buds to a new symphony, paired with music.

Take the time to listen to what your palate says…a sweet dance with salt, a hint of acid comes to intrigue you… Do not swallow right away for the bitter comes in sweet waves…

A type of sorbet that will not leave you feeling the chill from the ice.

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