Art On Paper

07/09/2017 - 10/09/2017

Drawing is rooted in graphic expression. It plays a significant role in
international art, whether it’s featured in galleries, exhibitions, biennials
and specialized fairs like Art on Paper, or advanced as an art form
through the many institutions and individuals who now place drawing
at the heart of their collections. While in the past, drawing was confined
to an auxiliary, supporting role in artistic practice, today it holds its
own in the contemporary art world.
Art on Paper seeks to showcase the broad range of approaches and
perspectives that contemporary drawing offers. Some artists dedicate
the entirety of their work to drawing, while others connect with it only
occasionally. Works in drawing can be figurative, abstract, monumental
or minimalist, and even three-dimensional, performance-based, or
narrative... In fact, contemporary drawing offers constantly renewed
possibilities of both composition and method that contribute to its
richness and relevance.

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