Artificial Intelligence

25/10/2017 - 25/10/2017

To coincide with the publication of CARTADITALIA N°3, the Italian Institute of Culture in Brussels is organising three events at BOZAR. These events, which are dedicated to the new frontiers of contemporary science and organised in collaboration with young Italian and international researchers, will focus on three main topics: artificial intelligence, the medicine of tomorrow and cities of the future.In the first debate, Cristina Becchio (IIT Genova, Università di Torino) and Luc de Raedt (LMU Munich – Columbia University) will talk about artificial intelligence. Moderator will be Luca De Biase (chief-Editor of the Magazine Nova24).Cristina Becchio is a Senior Researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology, Genova, where she leads the Cognition, Motion and Neuroscience (C'MON Unit). She is also a Professor within the Psychology Department of the University of Turin. Her current research focuses on the ability to decode other peoples' mental states from the observation of movement.Luc De Raedt is a professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the KU Leuven, where he runs the Declarative Languages and Artificial Intelligence Lab. He works on machine learning, logical and probabilistic reasoning, and on the automation of data science.

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