Avi Avital


17/03/2020 - 17/03/2020

Avi Avital :: © Avital Avi Trio © Edward Webb

On his celebrated album Between Worlds, Avi Avital plays on the boundaries of classical and folk music. He will give his masterful interpretation of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach on his cherished mandolin. The arrangements of the work of Béla Bartók and Sulkhan Tsintsadze for mandolin, accordion and percussion also demonstrate his authoritative feeling for timbres. Avital sees this album as a reflection of his musical identity. “Between Worlds is an artistic record of my own history, my own life path. (…) Again and again, I’ve asked myself where my identity as a musician actually lies. Where are the boundaries between classical, jazz and folk? And where am I?”  

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