Balkan Trafik


21/04/2021 - 25/04/2021

Balkan Trafik

Having had to adjust its 2020 edition because of the pandemic, and after having aspired to maintain a live festival in 2021, the multi-arts festival Balkan Trafik! has finally decided on an entirely digital program to be discovered from 21 to 25 April 2021 on a new mobile application and on the website of the festival.

True to its reputation, Balkan Trafik! will highlight the diversity of the Balkan culture through a wide range of artistic disciplines, this time on a smartphone and tablet application, offering live streaming concerts as well as free and exclusive content such as the documentary series Balkan What?, existing of debates on themes that bring us together (with the expertise of DG Regio), and newsfeeds from the Courrier des Balkans (in French), Euronews/Balkan and the Osservatorio Balcani (in English).

Music is an important part of the festival. All concerts will be live-streamed, and viewers will also enjoy a look backstage, with interviews and Q&As with the artists. Among the confirmed artists are Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar, Zdob și Zdub, Dubioza Kolektiv, Naked, Gipsy Groove, Stereo Banana, Mec Yek & Bernard Orchestar.

The festival presents two unique jazz & rock creations that will bring together the best Belgian and Balkan artists, but also wants to go beyond the borders of the Balkans with international artists such as Ibrahim Maalouf & Amparo Sánchez:

• Balkan Jazzović Quintet with the well-known Bulgarian composer and kaver player Theodosii Spassov and the renowned composer of French-Libanese jazz, Ibrahim Maalouf
• The Rocking Beez with the famous Spanish singer Amparo Sánchez (of the group Amparanoia) and the legendary Serbian-Bosnian artist Nele Karajlić (founder of The No Smoking Orchestra)

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