Bartók / Beethoven / Schönberg


19/06/2019 - 27/06/2019

Bartók / Beethoven / Schönberg :: © © Herman Sorgeloos

On this repertoire evening, Rosas brings together three early works by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. In 1986, De Keersmaeker first ventured into the terrain of early 20th-century classical music with Bartók’s Fourth String Quartet. In a choreography punctuated by both playful and combative accents, De Keersmaeker took on the task of distilling a dance score out of Bartók’s complex rhythms and layered harmonies. In Die Grosse Fuge (1992), De Keersmaeker sets out to find a male vocabulary, with the dancers of Rosas challenging gravity in a piece that sought to provide a physical translation of Beethoven’s ingenious use of counterpoint. The final piece of the evening, Verklärte Nacht (1995), presents a shamelessly romantic love story, in which the contrasting feelings of a man and a woman are dissected and interpreted in an expressive duet / trio based on Schoenberg’s musical score of the same name. Each of the three pieces constitutes a choreographic response to a specific historical score, illustrating De Keersmaeker’s penchant for both abstract conceptualisation and narrative composition.


Béla Bartók
String Quartet No.4, Sz.91. (from Bartók, Notes)
Ludwig van Beethoven
Große Fuge, op.133
Arnold Schoenberg
Verklärte Nacht, op.4

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