Behind the scenes


15/09/2018 - 15/09/2018

Behind the scenes

Officially inaugurated in 1847, the Royal Galleries of Saint Hubert were the work of the architect Jean-Pierre Cluysenaar. They are some of the oldest covered shopping arcades in Europe. Designed from the outset as a place of culture and commerce for those with good taste, they were dedicated to the first royal family of Belgium, which had gained its independence some years earlier in 1830. Inside the Galleries you will find a cinema, a milliner’s shop, famous chocolate makers’ establishments, an equally famous leather merchant and a cutlery maker. Seated at tables outside, people enjoy waffles as they dreamily watch the admiring passers-by and tourists.
This walking tour will bring you into the heart of this delightful arcade, where history and personal stories merge with anecdotes and rumours. Although the sounds of audience laughter no longer ring out in the Théâtre du Vaudeville, the highly-renowned Théâtre des Galeries in the Galerie du Roi attracts a host of fans, followers and tourists every year. You will have the opportunity to visit the backstage area via the artists’ entrance, where David Michels, its director, will take you on an exclusive, fascinating tour behind the scenes.

A partnership between E-Guides and the Théâtre Royal des Galeries.

Practical information

    • the lobby of the Théâtre Royal des Galeries
    • Galerie du Roi/Koningsgalerij 32
    • 1000 Brussels
    • Sat. only at 10h00, 11h30, 13h00, 14h30 and 16h00 (duration: 1h15 min)
      Please note that bookings are essential. Call 0499/21.39.85 or e-mail Up to 25 people per tour. In French only.
    • M
      De Brouckère, Gare Centrale/Centraal Station
    • T
      De Brouckère
    • B
      De Brouckère