Belgian National Orchestra


09/12/2018 - 09/12/2018

Belgian National Orchestra :: © Hartmut Haenchen ©  Riccardo Musacchio

Anton Bruckner was introduced to Wagner’s music thanks to Otto Kitzler, who taught him orchestration. This life-changing encounter prompted Bruckner to leave his familiar position at the church organ for the conductor’s rostrum. Under the baton of Hartmut Haenchen - conductor of the year (Opernwelt, 2017) – Bruckner’s Symphony No. 4 (1st version: 1872-73) is in safer hands than with the composer.  On its opening night, an inexperienced Bruckner had no choice but to step in and conduct. After the audience quietly left the hall, the orchestra also fled. With Symphony No. 4 we are launching a Bruckner cycle with Hartmut Haenchen that will be continued in future seasons.While Bruckner took twelve years to successfully complete his symphony, Brahms took a whopping twenty-one for his Symphony No. 1, which he completed in 1876. The urge to reach perfection held the men in its grip. Brahms — overcome by his admiration for the symphonies of his musical hero, Beethoven — constantly questioned himself. Work that didn't satisfy his extremely high standards was destroyed mercilessly. Make way for the perfectionists!

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