Belgica Project invites Amare

29/10/2017 - 29/10/2017

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Emotional techno, dirty bass lines, funky house.

Born with the rhythm in her veins, instinctively moving her hips when a beat comes out of a speaker, her parents sent her to ballet school as a toddler. From that day, she has been dancing every day of her life. First to classical music, later to pop, jazz, rock ‘n roll, and as a teenager, she discovered electronic music.
Having studied the whole range of human sciences, Amare knows what people need – which makes her an excellent crowd reader and music selector. Being well-traveled, she was influenced by different cultures and music genres, what you can hear in her music selection. Her search for good music guides her during her travels; she attends festivals in every continent (except for Antarctica), always coming home with new inspiration.
Music is her medium to spread the love and connect people. ‘Amare’ is a Latin verb, ‘to love’, an active name that describes her energy.
In her aim to bring like-minded people together, Amare contributes actively to the electronic music scene in her home city, Brussels. She is a resident DJ at the Non peut-être parties, and helps organizing several events, among others Brussels Electronic Marathon (BEM), a festival whose mission is to promote local artists and collaboration between the different collectives in the city. She is involved in FTRSND (future sound) and adds extra sparkles to Cirque Magique festival.
She has played at major clubs and events in four different continents. For all past & upcoming SHOWS:

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