Belgisch Kampioenschap Poetry Slam 2017

28/10/2017 - 28/10/2017

Our country’s eleven best slammers take the stage! During a 3-minute poetry slam, each poet tries to convince a team of professional juries. They will also try to win you, the audience, over with their thrilling texts and their great performances. A slam performance can both be intimate and personal as a critique of society. Either way, prepare to be struck by their words. Meanwhile, a DJ is playing to soothe the mood. As a spectator, you’ll also be able to vote for your favorite slammer. 
So please come and join us and root for your favorite performer ! This year’s winner will follow in Giovanni Centola’s footsteps. He won the Belgian Championship last year. This year’s winner will also represent our country during the European Championship and the World Championship.
Ready for a sneak peek? Come and take a look in Brussels (14/09, Pianofabriek) or in Leuven (28/09, OPEK)!

Practical information