Benjamin Appl

24/02/2018 - 24/02/2018

There is no exact translation for the German word “Heimat”; in a single word, it encompasses feelings of security, rootedness, home. These are the feelings expressed in the songs of Franz Schubert, Max Reger, Johannes Brahms, Richard Strauss and many others. Baritone Benjamin Appl has appropriately titled his first album, which he performs at this concert, “Heimat”. The record was welcomed with great enthusiasm. The Guardian gave it four stars and described it as “impressive, poignant and finely judged”. Hardly surprising, given that Appl was mentored by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and is well on his way to succeeding him. James Baillieu is a tremendous match for Appl. The South African has won countless prizes for piano and was rightly described in The Daily Telegraph as being in “a class of his own”.

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