Beyond the Binary

18/10/2017 - 18/10/2017

“We were never meant to survive”, wrote Audre Lorde. Our voices were silenced, our bodies slain, our histories erased. But our litanies for survival remain. Warrior Poets dedicates this evening to the continuum of our resistances.


Beyond the Binary will honour queer narratives that, throughout history, continue to disrupt and transform what constitutes ‘normality’ within the colonial, patriarchal, heteronormative doctrines ingrained in our cultural imagination. We highlight the unapologetic, non-conforming legacies, perspectives and strategies that define tools for survival and self-love within and beyond the binary paradigms of sex, gender and sexuality.


The urge for legitimacy and conformity steers the current gay rights agenda, pink washes systematic violence, enforces racist, classist and patriarchal oppressions and erases the diverse realities of queer communities. The audience is invited to re-imagine existing categorizations into more intersectional, decolonial modes of thinking and acting. We will reclaim space for queer voices who speak, create and live dangerously out of the ordinary.


This night will include performances from among others the London based Sorry You Feel Uncomfortable and the Brussels Recognition.

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