Blondy Brownie

25/11/2017 - 25/11/2017

Blondy Brownie is a duo, but also a trio where the third seat is occupied by a guest. Aurélie et Catherine create rich and multi-layered pop songs, flirting with kraut rock dynamics where Broadcast and Stereloab are riding a soft and cloudy vespa with Animal Collective.
Since 2016, they have been releasing a dozen songs featuring a new guest every time. Timothée Philippe (BRNS), Olivier Marguerit (O.), Katerine, Antoine Wielemans (Girls in Hawaii), John McEntire (Tortoise) have been a part of this project. All these featurings will be gathered on the band’s first album Almanach. It will be out on Novembre 24 on Luik Records.

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