Blues Chocolat

10/11/2017 - 11/11/2017

BLUES CHOCOLAT or the story of a greedy chick.
Marie, because she spends her time cooking and eating, loses her boyfriend, bored and fed up with her. But she hasn't had the last word and thanks to a bit of magic she will manage to seduce him again with a chocolate cake. Magic recipe made on stage, with its tasting as key! Oh yes, because Blues Chocolat, is a completely original musical-culinary show, written and composed by Marie-Christine Maillard. With her accomplice Alain, a talented musician, she gives us her interpretation of the couple and greed, at once sharp and mild gentle and volcanic, colourful, sweet, acid. Words cannot describe the joie de vivre of Marie and Marie-Christine, which can be felt throughout the show.
A touch of bossa, a pinch of swing, a sprinkling of tango, a knob of rumba, a teaspoon of blues, all with a dash of jazz, (her best vice after greed), and peppered with a hymn to crème fraiche, with a base of slightly demented mumbo jumbo—that's the recipe for BLUES CHOCOLAT! Something to delight your ears—and your palate!

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