Brexit: Goodbye, Hello


29/03/2019 - 29/03/2019

Brexit: Goodbye, Hello :: © Nicolas Altstaedt © Marco Borggreve Brexit: Goodbye, Hello :: © Jonathan Coe © DR/GR Brexit: Goodbye, Hello :: © Ali Smith © Christian Sinibaldi Brexit: Goodbye, Hello :: © Aurora Orchestra © Festival Berlioz - Bruno Moussier

Brexit, the liberation of the United Kingdom from the evil pact with Europe? … On Friday, 29 March 2019, at the stroke of midnight, Brexit will enter into force. In Brussels, the heart of Europe, the departure of the United Kingdom from Europe cannot and will not pass by unnoticed.A ‘lecture concert’ (music and speech), balancing between laughter and tears, humour and critical reflection, will turn the footlights on the centuries-old artistic bonds between the British Isles and the European continent. Artists on both sides of the Channel have always influenced and enriched each others' work.The British Aurora Orchestra and tenor Ian Bostridge, conducted by Nicolas Altstaedt will perform Les Illuminations, a song cycle by Benjamin Britten to texts by the French poet Arthur Rimbaud, as well as songs by The Beatles in an interpretation by the Italian avant-garde composer Luciano Berio. Finally, with Haydn’s ‘Farewell Symphony’ we call it an evening with a wink and a nod...Between the musical works, literary giants Jonathan Coe and Ali Smith will read from their own works and share with us their take on the cultural relations between Europe and the United Kingdom, past, present and future. British writer Sulaiman Addonia, who has Eritrean roots but lives in Brussels, brings a brand new short story.The ‘Brexit concert’ emphasises what unites Europe and the United Kingdom, not what divides them.

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