Bruno Brel – L'Héritage et la Descendance - Bruxelles sur Scènes (Festival des Cafés-Théâtres)

03/11/2017 - 04/11/2017

"It's about emotion. And about humour, mockery too, from talent to profusion, so much that we could say it's too much for one man, that he could pass some of it on to others better known than himself. And a fully decked stage. A lesson for all of us who sometimes came on backwards. A lesson that tells us that Brel is Brel. And that Bruno is one of those great singers we have to know..."
Bruno Brel's recital is composed mainly of his own songs with some Jacques Brel songs thrown in. This "family mix" proves, once and for all, how far these songs share the same inspiration but are nevertheless very different in terms of their development. If permanent emotion remains the crossroads between Brel the Elder and Brel the Younger, the melodies sometimes go in different directions and underline the twenty-five years that separate the words of one from the phrases of the other.

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