Brussels melting pot by bike


Brussels may be the European capital, but it is also a veritable modern Babylon and champion of cultural diversity. Italian, Congolese, French, Portuguese, Ethiopian, Moroccan and many other cultures mingle and live cheek by jowl in the Belgian capital. The magnificent result is sometimes visible, but at other times has to be inhaled, observed and tasted with more subtlety and reflection. Our enthusiastic and fascinating guide will take you through the main neighbourhoods which make up this cultural "melting pot", such as Matongé, Flagey, Saint-Josse and Molenbeek, and will share the history and impacts of this diversity. For kids or teenagers from 6 to 18.

Companies price will be € 300.
Non-profit organisations price will be € 180.

Guided Tour Themes :  Brussels for kids 

Duration : 4.00 hours

Language Spoken :  Dutch - English - French - Portuguese - Spanish 

Indicative price for a group of maximum 18 people

Additional information : the price does not include bicycle rental and delivery.

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