Café kruismans

03/11/2017 - 03/11/2017

After his first series in late 2016, Bert Kruismans will enthusiastically pick up this new concept again in late 2017 for a highly colourful "review of the year"!
Do you take a little lemon in your coffee? Or would you prefer frothy milk? Quite frankly, Bert Kruismans doesn't care at all how you take it. His thing, his challenge for today, is to open a café. Of course, it will be a surrealist café, in the Belgian tradition, one that only opens once a year, concentrating the news, making the audience cry with laughter—or just cry.

In the image of those strong coffees of yesteryear, Bert will condense, on stage and to your delight, the changes of a year that is at risk of being well stitched up: whether it be politics, social events or people, he will serve you his cynical thoughts and crazy analysis on a silver platter. A show that will make you… forget about the past year!"

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