Campus d'un Jour - Baudouin de Jaer


17/11/2018 - 17/11/2018

Campus d'un Jour - Baudouin de Jaer :: © (c) Jean François Flamey

After the Orchestre d’un jour (one-day orchestra) in 2017, Baudouin de Jaer is back at CENTRALE with a new one-day programme: the Campus d’un Jour (One-Day-Campus).

The Orchestre d’un jour, which draws its roots from the volcanic soil of the Back To Normal movement (a Liège-based music movement that emerged in 1991 at the Lion S’Envoile en Roture), extends its wings at La CENTRALE in its Campus d’un Jour version. This other genre of Royal Conservatory is open to everyone with or without preliminary music training and is without marks, examinations or levels.


Musician for a day or always been? Singer under the shower or experienced instrumentalist? It doesn’t matter! Composer Baudouin de Jaer invites you to CENTRALE on November 17, 2018 for a unique experience. Even if you can’t read a note, no worries! The only thing that matters is the desire to discover, share and make music together!

Programme of the day:

10:30 Paper oracle
12:00 Adolf Wölfli conference
14:00 Quartet for 4 non-violinists
15:00 7 years of solfeggio in 7’
16:00 Meeting for the rehearsal
16:30 Beginning of the rehearsal
19:30 Performance

3 ways of enrolling :
1- Paper oracle & Adolf Wölfli conference
2- Quartet for 4 non-violinists & 7 years of solfeggio in 7’
3- Rehearsal & Performance

Booking :

Practical information