Chesterfield - Alix Eynaudi


07/12/2018 - 08/12/2018

Chesterfield - Alix Eynaudi Chesterfield - Alix Eynaudi

For Chesterfield, Alix Eynaudi and her team were inspired by the collection of the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art, where they found Victorian botanical albums, leather objects, tooled masks, and fine engravings on animal skins. Using these building blocks, they create a discipline that literally seeks to be read: at the beginning, you will be given a magazine as a leitmotif for the evening. Using poetry as a choreographic device, Chesterfield presents a maze of signs and materials. It is a patchwork of movement, sound, bodies, books, fabrics, and light, woven with leather thread… and all composed to a sensual cadence.
• Alix Eynaudi studied ballet at the Opera of Paris and dance at PARTS. She danced with Rosas for seven year and also performed with Boris Charmatz and Kris Verdonck, among others. She has previously appeared at the Kaaitheater with her own works such as Edelweiss, Monique, and Long Long Short Long Short (a collaboration with Agata Maszkiewicz).

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