Creative Workshops around Youth Literature

Creative Workshops around Youth Literature

Our workshops will make your students (from children to teenagers) immerse in the magical universe of books. They will meet authors, illustrators or professional animators, who are expert in the field of children's literature. Each meeting includes a story in the jukebox, a visit of the temporary exhibition and a moment in the original library, LE WOLF holds more than 40 workshops (illustration, writing, theater...) that can be seen on our website: An ideal activity you can combine with a visit of the historic centre of Brussels. Welcome in our den!

Themes :  Art - Languages 

Duration : 1hour, 2h, 3h, one day

Language Spoken :  French 

Participants : LE WOLF peut accueillir 3 classes en même temps

Visit resources : Teaching sheet provided to the teacher during his visit

Picknick : Possible sur place moyennant 1,5€/enfant (incluant 1 sirop des fées) - max 1 classe

Additional information : For 5 € extra per child, each child leaves with a pocket book of their choice