In a playful way students come into contact with accessible healthy food. In the KOOKMETKLAS they learn with KOOKMETMASTER Philippe everything about sustainable and seasonal food. After that everyone goes to the fruit and vegetable stalls of Brussels' largest market: Abattoir! 1 € for yourself and 1 € to share the meal with someone else. We do the cooking ourselves on our custom-designed mobile kitchens on the market. Our KOOKMETCHEFS guide the chopping, cutting, stirring and mixing. Around midday we have a delicious meal on the biggest table in Brussels. Together with the market visitors we meet, we put our feet under the table and take the time to enjoy all these tastes, colors and smells together. Then we wash the dishes while we think of what we have learned. With full stomachs, happy faces and new inspiration, everyone returns home.

Themes :  Citizenship 

Duration : half a day

Language Spoken :  en,fr,nl 

Participants : Min 8. Max. 60

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Additional information : €2/child for the groceries

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