19/01/2022 - 19/01/2022


Our social life is full of unwritten rules. Standing in line while you wait, treating others on your birthday, saying ‘Bless you’ when someone sneezes. It all seems self-explanatory. In DUMMIES we see three individuals who don’t know these rules, but encounter situations where they can be useful. All that is left is their instinct. And that could lead to amusing, but painful situations. They have just as much chance of understanding each other. Or does their ignorance lead to a clash?   

DUMMIES shows the absurdity of our habits in a playful manner. The dance idiom of the three dummies is impressive due to the rapid and acrobatic partner work and physical risks. They give a peculiar perspective on what we regard as ‘normal’. An accessible and humoristic dance performance where three dummies show the clumsiness of our DIY society.   

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