Deer Tick

22/01/2018 - 22/01/2018

With the Providence, Rhode Island band’s fifth album, Negativity, McCauley and Deer Tick have come to some revelations.  They have come out on the other side of a six-year bender – which began with the 2007 album, War Elephant.  Negativity is an album that couldn’t have happened without the largely hell-raising, blowing through the last calls at every bar records War Elephant, Born On Flag Day, Black Dirt Sessions or Divine Providence. There would have been no meat to build around the bone.
The Rock, the album’s lead-off track features McCauley dealing with a failed engagement, with the band (guitarist Ian O’Neill, drummer Dennis Ryan, bassist Christopher Ryan and keyboardist Rob Crowell) showing immediately that this isn’t the Deer Tick we’ve known. Intricate and beautiful in its exalting glory, the song prays for renewal, for the healing of a beaten, darkened heart.

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