Discover all of Europe animated in miniature!

Discover all of Europe animated in miniature!

Your students will become real explorers by admiring the most beautiful buildings of the European Union. This trip can be perfectly combined with geography, history, culture and language courses. The guide gives you an enthusiastic explanation with many anecdotes and animations, sharing his or her knowledge of the cities and monuments which have been important for Europe.

Themes :  History - Brussels - Europe - Attraction 

Duration : 2h00

Language Spoken :  de,en,fr,nl 

Participants : Min. 20 participants

Visit resources : Educational pack available on :

Picknick : Sur place moyennant l'achat d'1 boisson à €1,50 au restaurant du parc

Additional information : catalogue-guide included available in 11 languages: FR, NL, EN, ESP, IT, DE, RU, PT, PL, RU, CN

Optional: Thematic visit : visit the park and identify the different architectural styles (to be requested upon booking).

Guided tour : other languages upon request