Drarrie in de nacht


12/03/2019 - 14/03/2019

Drarrie in de nacht

Don’t ask what a Drarrie is – ask who Drarrie are. Four lads challenge the night, but it remains unperturbed. The night won’t be messed with. It waits patiently, and attacks mercilessly when the time is right.

After Malcolm X, Junior Mthombeni, Fikry El Azzouzi and Cesar Janssens created Drarrie in de nacht, based on El Azzouzi’s eponymous novel. The writer won the Arkprijs van het Vrije Woord for his book, which is earning high praise in the German translation Wir da draußen and was also recently translated and widely enjoyed in Spanish. In Argentina Nosotros en la noche was even named one of the most interesting novels of the year!

Expect hip hop, slam and dance. Beats come to life in a memorable scenography by Eugenio Szwarcer, and languages flow abundantly. Main character Ayoub – played by none other than the writer himself – and his friends dwell the city streets and lead you into the night, through loneliness and grief, anger and fear. They have nothing and no one, only each other to trust and lean on. 

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