23/11/2021 - 27/11/2021

EXTREME / MALECANE :: © © Joan Calvet

In the last few years Europe has been experiencing a resurgence of nationalist parties. In France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, and Greece political groups are espousing populist identity politics. Among the people attracted to these far right ideas are young people, sometimes very young, who are wide open to ideas that were totally unacceptable just a short while ago. Paola Pisciottano, a director who was a student at the INSAS, investigates this accession of European youth to certain ideals. For three years she has conducted research in four countries questioning the feeling of emptiness that these political movements try to respond to. With EXTREME / MALECANE she sees it from the inside, by meeting and interviewing many, whom she listens to without judgment. 

My approach is to try to go beyond political analysis to be able to grasp the aspects tied to experience, to the feeling of belonging and the emotionality that are the basis for the propagation of fundamental movements. 

This documentary material is given to four actors who hail from countries with rising nationalist extremism. Their personal experiences meld with the words of the young interviewees as well as material culled from the internet. In a raw esthetic the four actors retrace the movement that has led to the recent history.

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