29/12/2018 - 29/12/2018

Edmond Edmond Edmond Edmond Edmond

A love-letter tribute to theatre that has picked up 5 Molières Awards! Plunge into the behind-the-scenes world of a breathtaking masterpieceDecember 1897, Paris.Edmond Rostand is a young playwriter. At 30 years of age, with a wife, two children to feed and deeply in debt, he has not written a single thing in the last two years. Filled with despair, he decides to present a new play to the famous actor, Constant Coquelin. He tells him about his new comedy, written in verse, which he plans to complete just in time for the holidays. The one thing he does not tell Monsieur Coquelin is that he has not written one line of it .... at all!Despite all odds: impetuous actresses, rough and tough Corsican producers, his own jealous wife, his best friend's lovesick problems and the general dismissiveness of his entire entourage, Edmond sets off to write a play nobody cares about. The only thing he has to start with is the title: Cyrano de Bergerac.5 Molières Awards 2017Best private theatrical play; Best Living Francophone Writer;Best Director of private theatrical performance; Best New Talent (actor), Guillaume Sentou; Best Supporting Actor, Pierre Forest Fast moving, a laugh-a-minute, this show simply doesn’t let up either for the delighted audience or for the actors who brilliantly keep pace with the repartee and the break-neck changes. Thanks to Edmond, Rostand gains another name and Michalik, a reputation. Alain Spira, Paris Match

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