Een antwoord op alle vragen - Laura van Dolron & de KOE


17/01/2019 - 18/01/2019

Een antwoord op alle vragen - Laura van Dolron & de KOE

‘When I say that I am a stand-up philosopher, people often ask: ‘Do you talk to your audiences?’ No, I say, feeling a little caught out.’ – LAURA VAN DOLRON

They’ve had enough of lonely nights onstage, so Laura van Dolron and Willem de Wolf from the KOE want to answer all your questions. Sometimes you will hear appropriate answers, but there will also be unasked questions to which the duo formulates a response anyway. A helpline of wise people will be available to help with the most difficult issues. The actors search and struggle, assisted by musicians Wilko Sterke and Frank van Kasteren. Every evening, this results in a live philosophical theatre concert full of poetry, thought, action, hope and despair…and ultimately there is perhaps one answer that transcends all questions.
• As a stand-up philosopher, Laura van Dolron analyses herself and the audience in candid productions brimming with social engagement and self-deprecation. She has previously presented productions like My Name is Rachel Corrie, Sartre Says Sorry and Loving at the Kaaistudios. De KOE is a theatre company headed by Willem de Wolf, Peter Van den Eede and Natali Broods, and it has been in the vanguard of theatre for the past 30 years. The have performed at Kaaitheater with productions such as Beckett Boulevard and HelloGoodbye, and – in collaboration with tg STAN – My Dinner with André and The Marx Sisters.

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